Tips for Organizing Storage Units for Frequent or Seasonal Access

Those who rent Storage Units in Queens NY do so for a wide variety of reasons. Some renters need a place to store belongings during a move, while others simply want to declutter their houses without having to get rid of valuable family keepsakes. While short-term renters don’t really need to worry too much about the organization of their units, those who plan to access their units frequently should take the following organizational tips to heart to make it easier to access their belongings when they need them.

One-Size-Fits-All Boxes

Choosing boxes that are at least mostly the same size can make stacking and accessibility much easier. Try to choose small to medium sized boxes, as large boxes can become extremely heavy and are generally more difficult to move. Using uniformly sized boxes for packing Self Storage Units makes both packing and organizing much easier.

Identify Commonly Used Items

Think about what items will need to be accessed most frequently and try to place those items near the front. Things like tools and hobby supplies, trip supplies, and kids toys that will be pulled out of storage more than once a year should be kept near the front of the units, while things like holiday items and seasonal clothing that only need to be packed and unpacked once a year can go further toward the back. Renting units from Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY can be incredibly helpful when it comes to providing extra space around the home, but only if renters take the time to organize their belongings for easy access.

Create a Master List

Write down the contents of each box prior to placing it in the storage unit and keep all of this detailed information in a master list. This makes it much easier to find specific items, particularly if some boxes will be stored out of view. Be sure to label each box appropriately to make using this list easier.

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Plan an Organized Layout

Those who will be accessing their Self Storage Units in Queens NY frequently should devote at least a few hours to pre-planning an organized layout. Try to leave enough space for a walkway in the middle and make sure there will be enough room to pull boxes out and put them back into place. If there isn’t enough space to leave an aisle down the middle, try to at least place the most easily movable items in this space.

Use Shelving

It may seem like shelving units are a waste of space, but in reality, they are an incredibly useful tool and are well worth the extra few inches they take up. Just be sure to place heavier boxes near the bottom of the shelving unit to avoid creating a fall hazard.

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